segunda-feira, 29 de outubro de 2007

Explosions in the Sky

Concistency is a gift. One I surely do not posess. I haven't manage to get back to Bulbs and have been feeling a growing disgust for line drawing. (a.k.a. - what I did my entire life) .

but I did make considerable progress with my skills concerning color and volume. I discovered that my detail obsessed personality actually made me lose considerable amount of time with lines and eventually fucking up any serious attempt at anything, wich allowed me good results only working from calm and thoughtless intuition. And even so was sporadic and far inbetween.

As a sudden realization, it came to me that my whole life I studied lines eventually aiming at this crossing... at being able to depict what the fuck ever came to me in full blasting color. It feels safer now, I'm accepting my newbieness again. Though it may seem a bit of a paradox, it's easier to make progress this way.

but, still a long way to go from anywhere.

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vi teu mickeyt feiooo la li lalalala