quarta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2007

We are Vagabonds, we travel without seatbelts on.

There's not one day that goes by that I don't find a way to remind myself how "not good enough" I am at the moment and if the 2006 was an year of imense progress, 2007 was half wasted in a stupid internship at brazils biggest tv station - oh man, what a scham.


It's depressing to think that they think of themselves as the elite of the craft, while all the really good people seem to be braking there backs with marketing. People like Grampá and João Ruas... I used to think that getting anywhere near where these guys are artistically would be garanteed success, fame, personal artbooks, moving out of the country and drawing full time.

other 2 months wasted getting settled here in my personal paradise, that thanks god becomes more edenical each day. So I'm gonna keep hacking like I was (wait, I guess I am) level 1.

morning sketch and panel from bulbs. Also a Freelance line-art. And thats was all made like in the last 10 days, just so you can see how all over the place I am in terms of style.

sexta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2007

Getting the old vibe again. Curiosity and will to succed used to be my formula for artistic growth and it took me where I am today - a dark misty place somewhere between "complete shit" and "hey, that kid's got something going there".

So I go and read comic con reports and check new stuff coming from people not-so-older-then-me and pull out a A. Loomis book or stare for long minutes at Mignola sketches and the good o' brain starts squirting good o' serotonine with out need of any external help and I fool myself once more into believing that comics is a beautiful beautiful thing. Yeah.

Sketched a full body Nico for the first time. She looks a little clumsy but that's what you get for drawing and making dinner at the same time. She's a character of another project I'm working on.

Also, composition sketches and studies for an illustration that showed up at a bad moment.

quinta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2007

With Silken Wings and Powdery Dust


They are all over the Place. I woke up one morning and found one dead on my tooth brush. So now I've got this small collection of moth-corpses inside a charming glass jar (hermetically sealed to avoid intrusion of the hungry ants that destroyed the first collection).

So. Bulbs.

It it weren't fot bulbs I wouldn't have any Moths. That got me thinking, about bulbs and consequently ideas, brain cells, quantum mechanics and reality itself.

What is the Essence of Light? The electrical Mistery behind an Idea?

How much of our realities is just and only a matter of state of being?

Truthfully, My mini-comic won't present valid answers for any of such questions and its is all in the name of good practice and visual experiment.

check the first page out... that first panel is bulls#it, though, it will have to be redone.

ps: (I guess) mini-comic is a concept created by Becky Cloonan. I think it's more charming then "zine" or something else, so I use it here. Guess she wouldn't mind.

To Wreak Havoc

First post.

I'll write this blog mostly in english and it IS an illustration, drawing, comics related blog. Recently I've trying to put myself in a more "pro-ish" routine. So there will be, hopefully, plenty of morning sketches and sketched pages for the next few days, and if the metheor showers, floods and general destruction doesn't get to me by then, inking processes to be seen all coming from a eager begginer. Luckily we'll see some progress too.

I'm about a quarter way trough the making of a "mini-comic"... Although it's real simple and has close to no background, I'm having trouble keeping the a 1 a day page-rate, mostly due to concentration issues.

but no more talking.

Morning sketch, real quick. I was sad because of Mike Wieringo passing away. I liked his style and felt so much empathy for him mainly cause he seemed just as paranoid as I am and he kept hacking at it inspite of all the S#it you have to take. So this one if for him, and for everybody else who just keeps hacking at it inspite the fact that the world is gonna end real soon due to money-hungry and war-mongering fools.

Bye, Mike.