quinta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2007

With Silken Wings and Powdery Dust


They are all over the Place. I woke up one morning and found one dead on my tooth brush. So now I've got this small collection of moth-corpses inside a charming glass jar (hermetically sealed to avoid intrusion of the hungry ants that destroyed the first collection).

So. Bulbs.

It it weren't fot bulbs I wouldn't have any Moths. That got me thinking, about bulbs and consequently ideas, brain cells, quantum mechanics and reality itself.

What is the Essence of Light? The electrical Mistery behind an Idea?

How much of our realities is just and only a matter of state of being?

Truthfully, My mini-comic won't present valid answers for any of such questions and its is all in the name of good practice and visual experiment.

check the first page out... that first panel is bulls#it, though, it will have to be redone.

ps: (I guess) mini-comic is a concept created by Becky Cloonan. I think it's more charming then "zine" or something else, so I use it here. Guess she wouldn't mind.

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