quinta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2007

To Wreak Havoc

First post.

I'll write this blog mostly in english and it IS an illustration, drawing, comics related blog. Recently I've trying to put myself in a more "pro-ish" routine. So there will be, hopefully, plenty of morning sketches and sketched pages for the next few days, and if the metheor showers, floods and general destruction doesn't get to me by then, inking processes to be seen all coming from a eager begginer. Luckily we'll see some progress too.

I'm about a quarter way trough the making of a "mini-comic"... Although it's real simple and has close to no background, I'm having trouble keeping the a 1 a day page-rate, mostly due to concentration issues.

but no more talking.

Morning sketch, real quick. I was sad because of Mike Wieringo passing away. I liked his style and felt so much empathy for him mainly cause he seemed just as paranoid as I am and he kept hacking at it inspite of all the S#it you have to take. So this one if for him, and for everybody else who just keeps hacking at it inspite the fact that the world is gonna end real soon due to money-hungry and war-mongering fools.

Bye, Mike.

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