sexta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2007

Getting the old vibe again. Curiosity and will to succed used to be my formula for artistic growth and it took me where I am today - a dark misty place somewhere between "complete shit" and "hey, that kid's got something going there".

So I go and read comic con reports and check new stuff coming from people not-so-older-then-me and pull out a A. Loomis book or stare for long minutes at Mignola sketches and the good o' brain starts squirting good o' serotonine with out need of any external help and I fool myself once more into believing that comics is a beautiful beautiful thing. Yeah.

Sketched a full body Nico for the first time. She looks a little clumsy but that's what you get for drawing and making dinner at the same time. She's a character of another project I'm working on.

Also, composition sketches and studies for an illustration that showed up at a bad moment.

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Guillermo P. Mogorrón disse...

Good sketches, keep staring at Mignola drawings, thats the way..:)