domingo, 23 de setembro de 2007

The Sad Misfortune of All Carbon Based Life-forms

After que making of this half-assed attempt at full-digital drawing in painter, the most puzzling and hermetic of all graphical applications, I fell in deep profissional depression. Lost 2 and a half days to beer, meat-balls, counter-strike and sid meyers civilization 2. (Which is still a great game by the way). My girlfriend went away for the last 2 days to visit her parents and it didn't help.

Brazilian country music is driving me to madness and I really oughtta just refrain from social contact with the people here. I had this image that people out of big centres were smarter and less affected by consumer frenzy. I thought they were more aware of the "real" things. But what I've found is people even more dominated by tv and marketing, things which they crave for with bigger angst hence it's harder for them to get.

My coming from the cultural center of the country and the biggest tv station and subsequent afirmation that it was all a big joke probably didn't make me very popular. My girlfriend said that it as if I'm an alien amongst them, as if I was some tv-show character made real. If I was smarter I might had used that to my advantage.

Back to beer. Heineken is cheaper here, but I'm all out of hash. Guess I should try drawing a little more.

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