sábado, 1 de setembro de 2007

Well you're in your little room, and you're working on something good, but if it's really good, you're gonna need a bigger room...

The pressure for comercial efficiency I put on myself is so that I stopped bulbs on half to work on freelance linearts and a couple of pieces for my studio's portfolio. Having a studio in Brazil is not so much either... it's just a raised flag to attract freelance opportunitys and allow me to take no regular job and keep honing my skills.

Here are the four line arts. Now comes coloring, my associates part of the job.

www.fotolog.net/gatz - if you wanna check some of his stuff out.

keep coming back. There's more to come and it'll be always better, no doubt.

next: sketches and my endless quest to learn 3d texture mapping.

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Hey, thanks brother....yeah he rules, i did not know him until a few days ago that i bought his book WET MOON...
By the way, nice drawings brother, i remember i have seen the 2nd one coloured on your blog!!!


( =__=)


So "the abandoned"....hu?

I will check for it.
Thanks brother! I recommend another book to you: VAGABOND from Takehiko Inoue (the boy who did Slam Dunk)

just check it!


( =__=)